Neo Circuit 2 update 2

Hey guys

a small update on NC2 and its progress. Its not really a lot but some stuff is already in.


This got already realized:

  • scrap Flixel and use starling framework for better performance (check last blog post, its now on 60fps on iPad2)
  • new art style and better UI
  • adding cool particle effects and other nice gfx effects (at least some of them
  • upgrading nodes is partly done, but I will think about the design again
  • conquering of nodes will be reworked
  • neutral (grey) nodes do not have to be conquered anymore
  • new and fancy level selection with a preview of the level
  • open and closing barriers (still not sure if it will really make into the game, but its quite an interesting element to add some strategy)
  • a wonderful new start-screen with beat detection effect (I know its useless but was fun to add it, beat detection might make it to the main game as well)
  • control of the game speed is now flawless (Osmos like)
  • two finger tap opens up main menu on ingame screen


What will make it into version 2 at release:

  • lots of new levels, I guess 60 or even more
  • improved and allied AI with different strategies
  • player color selection
  • re-balancing of all nodes to make the game more strategic
  • new nodes and level elements
  • player can vote on levels
  • player can earn points while doing levels and spend them on improving his upgrades
  • tutorial improvements
  • node info screen showing strength and weaknesses
  • new music and sfx
  • more cool gesture controls to show ui only when necessary
  • node tech tree coupled with achievements and unlocking more features in the game


Not with the very first release

  • integrated unlock-able level editor (I will try to get it into the first release but I am not sure)
  • even more unlock-ables and easter eggs!
  • replay mode
  • player can upload levels to servers
  • multiplayer mode (this would be so cool, but probably out of scope)

I am still working on finishing the level selection and player color selection, which is not too far away . Next will be the management part of the upgrade system as well as node balancing.
After this I have a full playable game and will add new levels. Sooo much work todo and no time… :/.





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Neo Circuit 2 update

Well most of you (probably only a few anyway) thought  Neo Circuit 2 will probably never  see the light. Well as I have not written a single word since July here, I would have thought the same. But actually you are wrong! :)


As I have only a very few hours a week left to work on a side project and unfortunately their are so many good games out which have to be thoroughly tested, it really took a lot of  time to port the game to Starling.


The good news it. It runs currently at 60fps on an iPad2. The first version of Neo Circuit was performing really bad on iPad2, actually around 20-25fps and worse on the later levels. I tried one of the most critical levels with lots of nodes and powers on the screen but the frame rate was very stable at 60fps.


To make this work I ported parts of the Flixel to Starling. But there is not much left from Flixel  to be honest. Most of the classes are completely refactored. I removed TweenLite classes and replaced them with Jugger.tween from Starling, which  pools the tweens. Without pooling you are going to have horrible lag spikes on mobile devices. This change plus some other small optimizations actually made it very stable on the iPad2.


I did not work on the AI yet, but I tackled one of the most important parts of the game play,  the node take-over. It was not really well done in NC1.  As you can see in the screenshots, its kind of implemented, but still WIP, as the whole art is as well. The node has now to be captured with 50% of its available space. If this happens you get the node loaded with 50% of its power. I have to play around with numbers, but it already feels quite ok. It slows down the game play but I think that is a good thing. The game gets much more tactical because of this.


For the UI there is a really cool extension for Starling. It will greatly improve the UI look and feel of the game. You can find an example here:


Still lots of work has to be done. But the cool thing is, the main game-play loop is working and I can now focus on making the game better. I will hopefully post more updates in the following weeks, but I won’t promise, as my day job is taking 120% of my time already ;).

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